About the project

The setAR project deals with health and safety rules as one of its goals is to reduce accidents at construction sites. Earthworks are, unfortunately, one of the most dangerous works carried out on a construction site. Work in the company of heavy machinery, large elevations, or the possibility of landslides are the causes of many fatal accidents.

As research shows, employees are not interested in classic training methods. The use of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets), modern AR technology, and supporting multimedia files makes setAR training interesting and memorable.

The need for the project was confirmed during the implementation of its predecessor – ARFAT (Augmented Reality Formwork Assembly Training).

The setAR training will be available to all interested parties, and its innovative form perfectly fits the requirements of the digitization era.


  • IO1: Evidence based learning outcomes.
  • IO2: setAR training system.
  • IO3: setAR manual.
  • IO4: setAR application (software).
  • IO5: setAR AR markers.
  • IO6: setAR instructional movies.