Augmented Reality

AR is the term to define a direct or indirect view of the psychical environment in the real world, which elements combine with virtual elements in order to create a mixed reality in real time. AR enable precise conduction of activities performed by workers in an efficient manner, ensuring the safety of work at the same time.

Developed training systems, based on modern IT technology – Augmented Reality (AR), are being constantly improved by most influential companies all over the world. Being used, among others, in trainings for pilots, F1 drivers and military personnel, it is safe to say, that AR is the future of high-quality work-based VET.

Never before was AR used for earthwork training. Use of mobile devices and AR technology will make the training innovative and interesting to the participants. Foreseen manual, training system and augmented reality software will contain best practices from different European countries in the field of earthworks, and series of exercises for users.